Count Your Blessings

Today, when I got home from work, I decided to walk the track while my daughter was at soccer practice. I needed to clear my head and gain some perspective after an emotionally trying day.

While people complain about their kids playing too many video games (guilty 🙋🏼‍♀️), not cleaning up after themselves (🙋🏼‍♀️), not giving the “perfect” Mother’s Day gift, or any other number of things we, as parents, whine about…there are children…CHILDREN…who are on hospice, homeless, in residential programs, in foster care, or struggling with the weight of the world that has become so hard to bare that they crumble.

As a mother, teacher, and all around advocate for children of all types…please, PLEASE count your blessings each day and be kind to everyone…you don’t know what cross they may bare.

And if you ARE one of these people or know of these people, please know that you are stronger than you think and so many of us are here for you.

You don’t have to navigate this world alone.

To those of you still reading, I challenge you to spread kindness everywhere you go. Do 3 random acts of kindness and simply ask that they pass it on to 3 more people. Hopefully you will touch a person who needs it the most at just the right time.

Thank you for reading one of my more serious, but incredibly needed, posts.

Have a wonderful night and God bless!



Spread the love

Today I had a student come up to me and say she loved my smile. She said that my smile brightens up a room and when I smile, she smiles. Then later on in the day I had someone tell me that someone very important to me told them they think I do a good job at work.

I am not telling you these things because I want to brag. I just want to put it out there that these 2 encounters made a good day GREAT! You never know what people are going through so always be kind, say kind things to them and to others ABOUT them…that way, when it gets back to them, it means just a little bit more.

There’s plenty of negativity in the world…spread the love!



Staying above the Quicksand

My face when I think about all of the stuff I have on my plate:

Soccer practices, laundry, vacuuming, lawn care, writing IEPs, doing lesson plans- WITH common core state standards listed on them in the classroom, dishes, teaching, cooking suppers, going to meetings, spending time with my husband and kids, exercising, spending time with friends, parties/ celebrations/ family obligations…the list could go on and on and ON!

So, how are we supposed to keep a leg up, stay above the quicksand, keep our sanity??


Take one thing at a time. Sounds simple, but it’s the God’s honest truth. You are 1 person and can only do 1-2 things at a time well. So, start by making a list of everything that needs to get done. Then, prioritize it! Look at that list and see if anyone else can help you out (send your son/daughter to soccer with a teammate, have a kid do housework, have family come over to help with the yard work…). Contact those people to set them up and then CROSS THOSE ITEMS OFF!

After that, make a list of things that you like to do. It is important to make sure you schedule in time for what makes you happy…otherwise, what are we working so hard for?

Finally, start at the top of your priority list and do 1 thing at a time (ok, you can probably vacuum WHILE you run a load of laundry). When you are done with each item, cross it off…it feels REALLY good, trust me!

When your priority list is done do at least 1 thing from your list of what you like to do…you’ve earned it!

And, above all else…BREATHE! You’ve got this!!




Ever have a goal that you’ve wanted to achieve but had the wind taken out of your sails because getting there seemed impossible? I’m not talking REALLY hard…but damned near IMPOSSIBLE! I have had so many of these moments in my life (starting a new career, saving money for something amazing, building a house, going back to college to get my Associates, Bachelors, Masters, teaching license and Autism certificate…)…BELIEVE me, I know “impossible.”

Through all of these moments in my life, and through working out, I have learned to be happy about ANY effort I make towards my goals. Some days that effort was immense and other days I only took baby steps.

The important thing was that I never stopped moving forward.

To use a workout example: I know that cardio is one of the best exercises for your entire body. I also know that running is an amazing cardio exercise that, barring any physical limitations, anyone can do for free. BUT for those who hate running, it is not the only cardio exercise out there. You can dance, swim, jump on a trampoline with your kids, run up stairs instead of walking…anything that gets your heart pumping. The point is:

Do what works for YOU!

If you find something that works for you and it is helping you reach your goals…DO THAT! Also, if you feel you need to take it easy for a day, or week, or more, don’t be hard on yourself. Reaching goals is a marathon, not a sprint…don’t stop, don’t give up, you’ll get there.



How will you approach each day?

Not sure if the link worked, but if not, copy and paste it…it’s worth the watch!

Today’s post is short and sweet…

How will YOU tackle each day, each obstacle? Doing something as simple and mundane allows to you get your day off to a good start. It allows for you to accomplish a basic task…the first one of the day…then you are ready to tackle the next task, and the next…

How do YOU tackle each obstacle? Do you run away or do you stand your ground and punch it in the snout? People will beat you down if you let them…stay strong and hold your ground; you owe it to yourself to remain strong.

Have a great day everyone…now go make your bed!



Back to School


Even though is was super hard to drag myself out of the comfort of my sheets this morning after vacation and being out with vertigo for 2 weeks (making me out for 3 weeks total), I was far more excited about going back to work this morning than one would think.

First, I crave structure and routine, which is probably why I relate to my students so well. I loved having a place to go, a time to be there and a purpose for my day. I love being home after school right now with a plan to grade papers, write IEPs, cook dinner and go to the gym. I am a type A person and I like having a schedule to follow- hence the addiction to Excel spreadsheets. 🤣

Second, how can I NOT be super excited to return when I knew I had a beautiful HUGE new whiteboard waiting for me at the front of my classroom?? It’s the little things in life that you don’t realize you are missing until they are not there anymore.

And finally (although it should really be my “first”), I missed my students and coworkers more than I expected in 3 short(ish) weeks! Today I had 1 student  (who isn’t even in my classroom) run across the foyer to embrace me in a big hug and tell me she was glad that I am feeling better. I had another one of my students, who doesn’t typically express emotions in this way, say “yay, you’re back!” Then I had countless friends and coworkers check in on me and stop by to say welcome back. Working in a school is truly like a little community…one that I am so glad to be a part of.

I hope your Monday went just as well. Please, share your Monday Go’s and Woes in the comments below…I’d love to hear about them!



You’re Doing Just Fine

The world has always been a judgy place, but now that I’m an adult, it feels SO much judgier…is this just me??

The best I can do is the best I can do. I firmly believe that people inherently do the best they can with what they have and nobody has the right to judge them based on that…nobody.

Parents are always under the eagle eye of other parents (and non-parents, which is worse) to see if they “measure up” as being a “good parent” and having their kids “in control” or “smart enough” by society’s standards.

New employees are judged by veteran employees waiting to see if the newbie will step up or fall on their face…unless you are fortunate enough to work with amazing people who reach out to help, guide and support you (I certainly am)…hats off to those amazing souls in the world. 💜

People are constantly judged if they change their hair, clothing style, gain or lose weight or whatever else others decide to judge them on. (Don’t get me wrong, if people notice a potentially dangerous change in a person, then and only then is it ok to speak up in an attempt to help the other person.)

My point is, don’t let other people dull your sparkle. People will judge no matter what, so whatever you do, do it for YOU and not them…dare to be your badass, beautiful self and let the haters hate…love yourself so you don’t lose yourself. 💗