Hurdles for Dayz

Hello all!

I know my posts are few and far between, but I felt a strong need to post today.

I have been faltering…again…with my goals.

Remember I wanted to run a marathon??

Well, my body has thrown me a curve ball and I now have severe arthritis with bone spurs in my cervical spine. Basically, my discs in between 2 sets of bones in my neck are significantly thinner than the rest. This is all causing pain and stiffness in my neck and back as well as tingling and numbness in my arms and fingers when I move in certain positions. Bottom line is, it is incredibly painful to run for any extended period of time or to run very fast. At first, I was completely crushed that this, seemingly, impossible goal of mine (that I was killing!) had to be put on hold until an unforeseeable time in the future. This set back, along with a crazy beginning to a very busy school year, caused me to stop working out entirely.

Well, now, that’s no way to handle a hurdle, is it?

Image result for hurdle image

I make accommodations for my students every single day…so why not for myself?? I have been going to PT twice a week to appease my insurance company until I can get an MRI to determine if I need surgery. I am also going to begin walking on a regular basis and attempt yoga as much as my body will allow (bending over and any stretching is tough at the moment), but I will make baby steps towards my goals if for no other reason than to keep myself in the habit of putting myself first every now and again.

I’m reaching out to my audience here because I would love to know what hurdles you have had to overcome and how you managed to do it! Let’s inspire and learn from each other.

I’ll leave you with this: YOU ARE A BADASS and your hurdles are meant to be demolished…even if you have to sneakily slide around them when leaping over them is not a possibility at the moment. Pass those hurdles whatever way you have too and never look back!

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