The Exercise Lie

Rachel Hollis wrote a book called Girl, Wash Your Face and I have recently read it and am taking much of what she says as my new reality. In short, if you haven’t read it, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???

Anyway, she talks about the lies we tell yourselves every day and it got me thinking about the lies I tell myself all the time. One of these lies is that people who work out regularly both love every minute of it AND it comes easy to them.

I have lived believing this for so long and it made me feel completely inept in the fitness area of my life. I felt that something was wrong with me and that I must not be made to be someone who is “into” exercise in a hard core way.

Today, as I was going for a 5 mile walk, I began to think of this belief AS a lie and it made me finally feel comfortable in my own skin. Let’s face it, exercise is a mind-f*** every time you do it. You convince yourself to get up off the couch and begin. Then you convince yourself to keep going…even when you have sweat in places it truly shouldn’t be!

Today I had to literally kick my own ass off of the couch and get going. I said, “What if I do the 5 mile hilly loop that I haven’t done in a year?” As I began, I realized it was hotter than hades and I was already pouring sweat from everywhere! Then I realized I was only 1/4 of a mile in! I began to rationalize at that point: “I can just go to the end of the road- 2.2 miles is good for a hot day.” But then I thought, “What if I pushed myself a little more and walked up the hill that comes right after the end of the street?”

After each milestone I kept asking myself “What if” until I got to the point of “What if I didn’t give up and I kept on going?”

You see, in all aspects of our life (exercise, work, relationships, parenting…) we have hills and milestones that we have to climb over and work hard to overcome. It can feel overwhelming and almost impossible at times…but if you ask yourself “What if…”

The Hill, obstacle or milestone will soon be a thing of the past and you will be so much stronger for having experienced it.

I am learning to self talk my way past the lie that other find things easier or that they loved every second of their journey…we all struggle and challenge ourselves every day. If we didn’t challenge ourselves, we wouldn’t grow to the the badass, beautiful, unstoppable souls that we were meant to be!



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