What’s Your Excuse?

I used to have every excuse in the book to put off getting stuff done…homework, workouts, housework…you name it! My favorite two lines were “It’s too…” or “I’ll just…”

The truth is: you can always have a reason NOT to do something, but the reasons TO do it are far greater! First of all, if you do it, it’s done and over with…seems pretty logical.

Today was SO hot and humid but I made a promise to myself to workout every day this week so I put my big girl pants on and did it. I am currently melting in front of a fan as I type this, but IT’S DONE!!


I didn’t want to do laundry because doing laundry means FOLDING AND PUTTING AWAY laundry 👎🏽! BUT I am currently washing the laundry and I WILL fold and put it away.

Don’t let your excuses block you from your goals. Get up, get going, get it done, and give yourself a pat on the back and relax because it’s DONE!

You’re too strong to let your excuses get in the way.

It’s just as easy as taking that first step.

Now, what are you waiting for…get going!!



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