Ever have a goal that you’ve wanted to achieve but had the wind taken out of your sails because getting there seemed impossible? I’m not talking REALLY hard…but damned near IMPOSSIBLE! I have had so many of these moments in my life (starting a new career, saving money for something amazing, building a house, going back to college to get my Associates, Bachelors, Masters, teaching license and Autism certificate…)…BELIEVE me, I know “impossible.”

Through all of these moments in my life, and through working out, I have learned to be happy about ANY effort I make towards my goals. Some days that effort was immense and other days I only took baby steps.

The important thing was that I never stopped moving forward.

To use a workout example: I know that cardio is one of the best exercises for your entire body. I also know that running is an amazing cardio exercise that, barring any physical limitations, anyone can do for free. BUT for those who hate running, it is not the only cardio exercise out there. You can dance, swim, jump on a trampoline with your kids, run up stairs instead of walking…anything that gets your heart pumping. The point is:

Do what works for YOU!

If you find something that works for you and it is helping you reach your goals…DO THAT! Also, if you feel you need to take it easy for a day, or week, or more, don’t be hard on yourself. Reaching goals is a marathon, not a sprint…don’t stop, don’t give up, you’ll get there.




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