Back to School


Even though is was super hard to drag myself out of the comfort of my sheets this morning after vacation and being out with vertigo for 2 weeks (making me out for 3 weeks total), I was far more excited about going back to work this morning than one would think.

First, I crave structure and routine, which is probably why I relate to my students so well. I loved having a place to go, a time to be there and a purpose for my day. I love being home after school right now with a plan to grade papers, write IEPs, cook dinner and go to the gym. I am a type A person and I like having a schedule to follow- hence the addiction to Excel spreadsheets. 🤣

Second, how can I NOT be super excited to return when I knew I had a beautiful HUGE new whiteboard waiting for me at the front of my classroom?? It’s the little things in life that you don’t realize you are missing until they are not there anymore.

And finally (although it should really be my “first”), I missed my students and coworkers more than I expected in 3 short(ish) weeks! Today I had 1 student  (who isn’t even in my classroom) run across the foyer to embrace me in a big hug and tell me she was glad that I am feeling better. I had another one of my students, who doesn’t typically express emotions in this way, say “yay, you’re back!” Then I had countless friends and coworkers check in on me and stop by to say welcome back. Working in a school is truly like a little community…one that I am so glad to be a part of.

I hope your Monday went just as well. Please, share your Monday Go’s and Woes in the comments below…I’d love to hear about them!




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