Vacation Week Struggles

It’s April vacation and it’s freaking SNOWING…again! Mother Nature is clearly drunk and I’m getting stir crazy in the house…you can only organize so much before you go insane.

With Chelsea gone to England and Makaela away at college, the struggle comes with trying to keep Ethan occupied so he’s not glued to his electronics all week. He’s pretty good about occupying himself with Nerf wars, having friends over and playing music on his keyboard, but a boy’s gotta move!

I highly recommend finding an obstacle-style gym somewhere near you! I took Ethan and his friend to Movement Terrain in Wilbraham today and it was a great way for them (and me!) to get in some exercise and get out of the house! The best part is…there was a Groupon for it!

I promise I did more than just take pictures and videos. 😂 Word from the wise…if you go to a place like this, bring workout gloves, because our hands were killing us.

We had a great time and it was better than just going to a movie (which is great sometimes too).

The funny thing about kids…after we left they asked for McDonald’s for lunch. Lol Kinda counter productive, but whatever…it’s vacation. I am very proud of myself, however, because I stuck to my plan and brought my shake with me (along with a stupid amount of water) and then had this when I got home…

I’m telling you, planning in advance (not just meals, but activities…hell, everything you can) is the key to success and feeling like you have your crap together (if only for a moment).

What vacation activities do you like to do to help keep your kids unplugged?




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