Making choices

So I have been making lifestyle changes so that I can eat and live healthier on a regular basis. However, lately I have not been doing well with this AT ALL!

I have a huge weak spot for jelly beans and chips (not together…gross) and with Easter just passing and gatherings surrounding it, I began making old food choices again, like ALL the time. Well, needless to say, I began to feel like complete crap!

And to top it off, I had vertigo and was trapped on my couch for 2 weeks, so I couldn’t work out at all and the only foods I ate were quick grabs…usually goldfish crackers, cheese-it’s or cereal, because I couldn’t stand long enough to prepare anything better. To top it off, this week is April vacation and I’m home all week!

Well, to help restart my body, Monday I began a 6 day cleanse where I am drinking 70+ oz of water, 3 protein shakes, 1 fiber shake, and 3 veggie/ fruit filled meals every day! Plus, I am back to my workout routine!

While I am highly proud of the gains I am making, it is HARD not to “cheat” this week. I am just praising myself for the little wins here and there…like leaving this…

alone while I make this…

for lunch. I feel great about my choice, but DAMN was it hard!

Anyway, the only way I am able to stay on track like this is to create a spreadsheet (you’ll learn that I am OBSESSED with spreadsheets!) of my meal, workout and housework plans.

Yea yea, I know…OCD much? But it works for me! The key to staying on track, I’ve found, is to do whatever works for YOU and screw everyone else! 😉




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