Hello and happy spring? The weather certainly isn’t cooperating, but I like to try to keep it positive. Anyway, I am new to this whole blogging thing, but I am excited to see what this experience morphs itself into. I’ve asked around and I’ve been told to start with an introduction of myself and what I hope to accomplish with this blog, so here it goes…

I am Jacqui and I wear many different hats. The most important hat, I have come to realize, is my OWN. I am a shameless scrapbooker and crocheter who loves to dance and watch sit-coms like it’s my job! I try to live a healthy lifestyle of clean eating and working out, but let’s be honest, it is a slippery slope at times. I am a special education teacher in a social emotional substantially separate classroom for grades 6 and 7 and I love every part of my job!

I am married to my best friend (corny, but true), Brian. We met at Big Y, where we both worked, about 21 years ago…which, for the record, does NOT make either one of us old! We love spending time with our “children” and going on our yearly family vacation to Lake George, N.Y. We have 3 furbaby cats (Caramel, Wicket and Lily) that we talk about and (allegedly) have more pictures of in our phones than our kids. haha

Our oldest daughter, Makaela is currently 18 and attending Quinnipiac University in the nursing program. She graduated 2nd in her class and has continued to bust her butt earning herself a spot on the Dean’s list this past fall. She, like her mother, danced all her life as well as played many seasons of soccer.

Our middle daughter, Chelsea is almost 16 (yikes!) and in 10th grade. She is currently in England with her school’s International Club…lucky little thing! Chelsea danced for 3 years before deciding that art and soccer were more her thing. Although she doesn’t attend art class anymore, she still loves playing soccer.

Our youngest son, Ethan just turned 13 and is in 7th grade. He used to play soccer, but recently found a love for golf. He also plays the trombone in his school’s band and has taught himself, with the help of his school music teacher, how to play the keyboard. Ethan’s more amazing accomplishment is that he taught himself the entire periodic table and still has it memorized inside and out!

Ok, enough of the proud momma moments (who are we kidding, that never stops)…time to talk about this blog thing…

I hope to share stories (funny, happy, sad and everything in between), tips, ideas, and plain ol’ words of encouragement to let you know, from one crazy-busy adult to another, that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! If you would ever like to hear my take on any additional, related topics, just give me a shout out…Lord knows I have plenty of opinions! 😉


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